We are an award winning animation studio that brings a personal and effective approach to every project we work on; that’s why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.



– What We Do –

Explainer videos consist of animated characters bringing your story to life, inviting your customers to take action.

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A hand artistically and creatively draws and communicates your story. It is a very popular.

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Numbers and graphs don’t have to be boring anymore. This style is perfect for communicating

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How To videos illustrate how to use your product and tell the story of how it solves a problem for the consumer.

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– How we do it –

Step 1: Creative brief

Clients and the team meet. Ideas are exchanged, questions are asked and answered and the vital points defining the message to be delivered are established and noted.

Step 2: Script writing

The visual and written ‘sketch’ of the video-to-be begins as the story is drawn in simple guidelines, readying it for the creative department’s undertaking.

Step 3: The voiceover

Ideas and pictures are given a voice as talented actors are carefully selected to fit the part as relevantly and realistically as possible.

Step 4: The results

Sound, voice, animation and great storytelling are all combined into a single head-turning visual work of art.