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We live in era where millions of bits of content are created and shared every minute. Making your brand stand out from the crowd can be a tricky task. Large blocks of black print are a thing of the past; no one has time for that.

Studies have confirmed that 50% of our brains are involved in optical processing.

This is where Infamous can help.

Whether you need animated infographics or simply illustrations for your PowerPoint presentation. We love numbers and graphs, our team of nerdy-ninjas can help you deliver large amounts of information in an engaging and visually attractive manner.

The combination of



and movement

engage the audience on a totally new level, raising brand awareness and helping you connect with your audience.

Check out some of our infographic animation work!

Tiffany & Co

RTA Tag to Connect

RTA 10X (Auto pods)

eGate Emaratech


DNATA Dealio

DEWA Earth Hour

Western Union How to

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