User Experience (UX)

A product is as good as how people use it and the experience the gain from it, an excellent User experience means your digital product is easy to use and intuitive, which is directly and positively correlated to your conversion rate, it is easy to drive traffic to your site or app, but getting people to actually use it in the ways you intended them to benefit from it relies solely on a great UX design.

User Interface (UI)

While it is usually a bad idea to judge people on appearances, people do judge a book by its cover when it comes to digital products. And like fashion, it’s ever changing. Our philosophy is, like innovation, UI is an ongoing process and not a one-off project, so through the methodological use of a multitude of digital heat mapping tools, we assess what works, and what doesn’t, this gives us data we need to make continuous improvement decisions and not mere personal opinions.


We have helped build the most disruptive influencer marketing platform in the GCC, turning a startup into a media beloved frenzy, within just a few weeks of its launch, fortune 500 brands and multinational agencies are all over this baby. Now that’s demonstrable success.


dubai culture

Our friends at Dubai Culture asked us to rethink their mobile app, the app prototype was built with the industry’s best practices in mind, gorgeous color fusion, and of course, our secret sauce #Saltbae.